Amber 1.0.0rc2 & Jennifer


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#{UPDATE} Since writing this post, I became the owner of the repo and I've released a new version that includes some updates to the crystal version and soon you won't need the directions found here!

#Back to the original programming... Hey there! I was recently trying to get up and running with Crystal 1.0.0+ and the new Amber 1.0.0rc2 with Jennifer 0.10.0, and I ran into a curious issue:

shard name (i18n) has ambiguous sources: 'git:' and 'git:'.

I have a simple work around that will temporarily let you run the shards install or shards update commands to get your app up and running with Jennifer for your ORM!

In your shards.yml file change these lines:

  github: dare892/citrine-i18n
  version: ~> 1.0.0


  github: techmagister/
  branch: master

And set your Jennifer shard config to:

  github: imdrasil/
  branch: master

Now shards can install and update all of your shards, without any Crystal version error warnings or ambiguous source warnings, and amber watch will compile and run the app in development.